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People know what they are looking for when they go to Google and search for phone psychic. 93% of them conduct online search before calling a psychic reading service. It is important for psychics to have an attractive and well written website to show their brand on the internet. But there is no use of having an attractive website if there is no one to visit it. Search engine optimisation can help psychic websites to get found online. Ranking higher on Google gives greater opportunity for customers to research your psychic services first.

The most important step in Psychic SEO process is the keyword search. To utilize the most sophisticated SEO method will be useless if you aren’t using the right keywords. Optimisation attempts will fail if you targeted the wrong keywords or keywords are targeted in the wrong order. We need to think like our customer when selecting keywords to target. We need to select the words that viewers might be searching for to achieve higher ranking in the search engine. Consider which keywords or phrases your target market will likely key-in the search box. Consider your niche market’s standpoint when picking keywords to use on your site. Don’t attempt SEO suicide by refusing to modify your existing keywords.

Keyword research offer Psychic websites like Psychic Central  an opportunity to target the right market at the exact moment when they decide to call for phone psychics. Looking at the average monthly searches for psychics will help determine phrases to go after and which provide the best chance of providing a solid return on investment.

Search volume is a good sign of what people are looking for. Psychic has 8,100 monthly searches, psychic reading 480, phone psychic 320, online psychic reading 210, phone psychic 90. 8100 people searched for the word “psychic” in Australia per month, but we don’t know what they specifically look for. Some of them may not be looking for psychic services at all but looking for ways on how to develop their psychic ability A huge search volume doesn’t necessarily mean more traffic. Low competition also indicates low saturation; this gives faster potential for quick gains. The traffic may be lower but the return on investment is faster. It is important to make a list and understand which phrases may lead to buying decision.

Buying terms and phrases are solid indicators of people past casual information gathering and closer to converting to customer. Look for phrases that indicate buying terms, phone psychic may only have 320 searches a month but these would be 320 definite customers. Build a list of phrases that indicate buying terms like: phone psychic 90, psychic Australia 90, psychic readers 70, phone psychic reading 40, psychic phone reading 30. After building a list of phrases that indicate buying terms, remove the phrases that don’t apply to your psychic services such as: psychic development 110, how to be a psychic 70, psychic ability 50, psychic power 30, types of psychic abilities 20.

Determine the conversion oriented phrases or the buying terms and arrange them in order of importance to establish relative profitability of similar phrases. Looking for the competition levels on the phrases will be the last step in the process to help us determine the order or priority.

Invest your time, energy and money into building and promoting your psychic site that customers will be able to find. Call us if you want visitors to have a better chance of finding your website. We will help you to not only rank high in Google but convert your search engine traffic into paying customers!


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