Promotional Products SEO: Heavily Searched On Google

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Promotional products are effective tools for marketing and branding. Promotional items such as pens, mugs, fridge magnets, bags, caps etc. are printed with company name and logo as part of sales promotion. Companies order promotional merchandise from promotion companies like Be Promoted to give them to customers. Items like rulers, t-shirts, umbrellas, hats, lanyards and wristbands are distributed in company events, trade shows or meetings to help advertise their products or services. Different items are now being used to promote all sorts of business, political candidates and even fundraising events.

The market for promotional products is evolving and those who rely on traditional marketing alone are being left behind. The promotional products industry is booming. When you go and search for “promotional products” on search engine, you’ll notice that familiar names come up first. Promotional products are heavily searched on Google. “Promotional products” key phrase has 4,400 monthly searches in Australia alone. As people rely more and more on mobile devices to look for products, search engine usage continues to increase. Thousands and thousands of promotional merchandise distributors are turning on the internet to sell their products. With the large amount of players online, it’s nearly impossible to stand out from the crowd.

Market saturation became the primary concern for many promotional distributors. Because thousands of distributors are using technology providers, products names numbers and descriptions appears exactly the same. In some case the entire product page is the same from all the other sites offering the same products. Some technology providers simply rebrand catalogues for every distributor website. Product information, category and even URL’s are the same except for the domain name and other pages. Identical contents on thousands of websites cause problems in search engine ranking.

Promotional products SEO is vital to have a strong, effective and easy to discover online presence. If you are selling the same products as thousands of your competitors, it is important to make your content unique to be able to appear on the top of search engine. Research your key phrases well and look for key phrases with high search volume and low competition. Using long-tail key phrases are preferable to short-tail key phrases for product pages, use geo-targeting in order to target a more specific product search. For example instead of choosing a generic keyword like keyrings you could choose bottle opener keyrings or plastic keyrings Sydney.

Promotional products website that utilise e-commerce generally uses many product pages and categories making it difficult to attend to individual page. SEO strategies can be automated and applied to all pages but manual effort is still needed to create unique content for search engines. Link strategy and content strategy are both needed to consistently rank on top of Google. Leverage on the unique aspect of your business in your content. Create your own product, category names and description. Also create unique URLs with important keywords in them for each product category. If you‘re working with an e-commerce provider, talk to them to make your products, product numbers, pricing unique to differentiate you from your competitors. Call us; we can help create a fool-proof strategy to build your overall site trust and authority.


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