Becoming an SEO Expert is not impossible but it is certainly a long and complex path. Probably for this reason, in Australia, there are few who really live off SEO, although there are many who propose themselves on the market in this sense. In any case, like all processes, this path too can be shortened through method, programming and intelligence.

But despite the generalist courses you have followed and the tips of the forums, a few years have passed and you have not yet become one, I prefer you read this article carefully which will help you structure your path and understand how to become an SEO Specialist step by step.

What SEO specialists do
The SEO experts or SEO Specialists are professionals who, thanks to the deep knowledge of search engines and the factors that determine the ranking, implement a whole series of on-page and off-page activities on the sites to be positioned, allowing them to be visible for queries relevant to the products / services they promote, resulting in increased relevant organic traffic from natural search engine results.

The role of an SEO expert involves in addition to keyword research , SEO audit , on-site and off-site optimization, also the analysis of SEO campaign data , conversion rate optimization activities , optimization of content ( SEO copywriting ) and the development and implementation of link building and link earning strategies .

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