Horse Racing SEO: Hedging Free Bets on Google

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Horse racing SEO is the process of improving a horse racing website’s search engine rank to improve online visibility, attract more visitors and convert them into players. Horse racing is the best analogy for SEO, the website is the horse, website owner is the jockey, the SEO consultant is the trainer, the racecourse is the internet and the official handicappers is Google or the search engine.

SEO (trainer) can help the website (horse) become faster and win in the racecourse (internet) by greatly increasing the chance of getting top ranking by reducing the odds. To do this the jockey (website owner) need to follow the trainer’s (SEO consultant) advice. The trainer may use illegal tricks to win the race but this is risky and can injure the horse (website). If the jockey (website owner) carries out the trainer’s legal instructions then the odds can be reduced and the horse (website) wins.

Do you have a horse racing site you are hoping to complete with the established bookmaker and betting companies? Let the world know your site exists. There’s no point in waiting for the site to be 100% ready before going live. It will only take longer for the site to get indexed by the search engines. Put the basic content and let us help you get indexed by search engine as you build it.

Before you can monetise your website and get people paying for your tips you should first get your site visible online through search engine optimisation. Horse Racing SEO is like hedging free bets on Google. Let’s start with the keyword research. Very few search queries in the horse racing promise to bring high traffic. In Australia, most keywords will be searched fewer than 6,000 times a month. There are 5,400 searches performed for the keyphrase horse racing tips while horse racing results today has 1,600. Even if you include the word “free” the result is almost the same free bets was searched 1,600 times.

SEO mavens usually advice to go for the magic long tail phrases which generate twice as much traffic as short tail high volume phrases with better conversion. We tried that on horse racing but it proved to be useless in terms of generating traffic. Australian horse racing tips has only 210 searches, Free Australian horse racing tips 50, Free horse racing tips Australia 90, best horse racing tips for today 30.

If we apply the search demand curve in horse racing, we could say it would be safe to stay in the middle. The best keyword choices in this industry would be online betting Australia with 720 monthly searches, Australian horse racing 480, Free bets Australia 320. Select the most appropriate for your site because you must rank for the most competitive keywords in order to generate traffic and income.

After defining the focus keyphrases, we need to make sure landing pages are optimized and running smoothly. Ensure that landing pages have lots of text content and alt text for the images. Avoid poor or thin content on category pages you intend to promote in the search engine. Avoid creating a poorly written content for the purpose of cramming keyphrases with little relevance to the site. Keyword stuffing is definitely not recommended, it creates very poor user experience.

Link building is very important in SEO, this part is particularly tricky for gambling sites. Awesome content and free giveaways are commonly used to encourage people to link to the site. Giving free bookie bets and promotions is common practice with most corporate bookmakers to get a free trial of their website and betting facilities. Designers, developer’s communities and forums can be a good place to get valuable links. Big bookmakers have online presence, so signing up to their affiliate accounts can help boost traffic to your site.

Content creation strategy should also include creating a blog with relevant, interesting articles about horse racing and racing news which is optimized for the keyphrases. Blog post can be used to drive more link juice to the main landing pages and optimized to convert visitors into players.

Implement integrated SEO and marketing strategy to get your website to rank in search engine. Social media can also help boost traffic to your site. Create automatic bots or use social media management tools to post to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. Use relevant #hashtags like #horseracing #racingnews #freetips when posting content on your social media accounts. Do not expect your new site to rank on top within the first six months; it takes a lot of time and persistence. The longer the site is up and searchable the better it is when it goes live. The longer the website is live the better it is to optimise and rank in search engine.


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