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Poor education and marketing efforts for solar energy makes the potential market unaware of the benefits of this renewable energy source. Green energy such as solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and hydroelectric comes from natural sources. These energy sources replace the conventional fuel from fossils but produce no greenhouse gas emission and reduce some types of air pollution. Renewable energy benefits our climate, health and our economy.

The myth that renewable energy is expensive can be overwhelming for many residential consumers to even think of investing in clean energy technologies. Many consumers could not afford to develop their own solar array, wind farm or hydroelectric plant but there are many economical options to choose from. The costs of renewables have gone down in the past year giving immediate energy cost saving for many individuals. Green community groups like the ACM Group in Sydney help to educate the public about the importance of renewable energy technologies which have much lower environmental impact compared to conventional energy technologies.

Before the internet, solar energy companies relied on the Yellow Pages and referrals to market their business. Today, prospective customers find what they need on search engines. 97% of consumers use the internet to research businesses before making a purchase. They type in a search term or keyphrase like “solar panels” or “solar heating companies” in Google and if your solar energy company is not found on the first page you miss out on customers. Search engine optimisation is the process of enhancing your website visibility so that it ranks on the top results page of a search engine whenever someone types in a keyphrase related to your products.

Green energy sites which end up on the top page are the ones that have undertaken the most SEO for whatever keyphase potential customers will use. If your solar energy company doesn’t rank high for your target keywords, you miss out on all of the visitors, traffic and leads that you could be enjoying. Your competitors are getting the traffic from all those site visitors. Before creating a keywording strategy for your solar energy business remember to think like a potential customer. Avoid using too much technical terms to describe your business or your services. “Solar photovoltaic” or “solar pv,” is the insider terminology for home solar systems but “Solar PV” only has 590 searches per month in Australia. Solar panels has 22200 searches, research suggest that most people are searching for good old solar panels.
Check out some of the chosen keyphrases below to keep high-traffic search terms on your content strategy.

Highly Competitive
Solar panels 22200
Renewable energy 6600
Green energy 1000

Long tail Keywords
Solar panels Sydney 80
Solar panel companies 70

Targeted Keywords
Solar installers Sydney 40

We’ve come up with these figures using Google’s Adwords keyword tool. There are a number of other keyword research tools that you can use to determine the best keyphrases for the solar energy market. Your new green energy SEO keyphrases need to be integrated in your content strategy in order for them to bring you leads. If you concentrate on SEO (blogs, backlinks etc.) there is unlimited scope in potential returns. An informative blog post published today will still be generating web traffic for your company 5 years from now. The advantage of this tactic is you demonstrate expertise, you earn trust and increase lead conversion rates.

The best internet marketing strategy is providing educational articles on your website. Include customer reviews because people gravitate toward what most friends and family endorse compared with traditional advertising. Your lead generation approach must be centred with referrals by leveraging your existing clients. You can check in with customers regularly and send newsletters, whitepapers or organize customer appreciation events to keep customers excited. Use social media to stay connected with your customers and reach out potential customers. Regularly publish easy to understand solar articles on your blog site to help educate the public. These articles when posted on social media and linked to your website will help educate the public and show them that you have the answers to their energy problem. If you do this you can get people in every step of the buying cycle from the early stage, in the middle or at the purchasing stage.


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