Many young people who follow Studio Samo ‘s web marketing course have a need: to find employment. On the other hand, it is not a characteristic that concerns only our students, but those who follow a course of study and feed a passion want to be there. And that’s why she wants to work in a web agency .

Is it the only purpose that leads you to browse job postings ? Maybe yes but it shouldn’t be like this: working in a web agency is not just but it is above all the way to acquire new skills. Learning by doing is what they have always told you.

Finding a job in web marketing is no easy feat, especially if you want to start as a freelancer . In this case the road is all uphill, In fact, to acquire a stable base you have to take knowledge from those who know more than you. This is why working in a web agency can become a great opportunity. What are the tips for getting through the job interview questions and finding a good job? Here is my personal experience.

The job search in Italy is, as you can imagine, a treasure hunt. It is not easy to find a good professional opportunity. As always there are difficult difficulties to deal with but you can proceed methodically, in the first place by not remaining in passive form like an animal in search of prey. Staying crouched in the woods is not the right solution , to find work on the web it is always advisable to move in two directions: on the one hand you listen and on the other make sure that the people you admire are interested in you.

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