Domain Authority: How To Boost It On Your Website

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If you want your website to rank high on search engine results page (SERP), then you should be adept on the ins and outs of Domain Authority. But what is domain authority (DA)?

Domain Authority is a metric that is used by Moz, a company engaged in providing Marketing Analytics/SEO software, in gauging your SEO efforts. For instance, Moz has an algorithm that will evaluate websites and give them a score from 0 to 100. A higher DA means that your website is dominating the Internet. In general, a DA between 40 and 50 is deemed as average, while above 60 is excellent.

One of the elements that influence your DA is links. A good number of high quality links to your site will result to a good DA. You should work on your content to get more leads for your business. DA is very important especially in SEO. Here are some suggestions on how you can boost it on your website:

1. Use a good domain name

Using a domain name that is pertinent to your website and its content can contribute to a high DA. Moreover, a domain name that resonates to visitors is important. If a visitor remembered your domain name, the chances are high that he/she will return to your site.

2. Publish good content on a regular basis

If your website or blog has good content, it is very likely that your content will be linked by other domains. The idea here is to create articles or web contents that are shareable, informative and interesting. When visitors share your post, it contributes to the publicity of your blog or website.

3. Ensure that your site is mobile-friendly

Nowadays, more users are streaming online content on their smartphones or tablets. You should design your website in a way that it can be viewed or adapt to the mobile format. If you’re site looks bad on these devices, you won’t have enough traffic that will boost your DA. There are online tools, such as mobile-friendly test by Google, that can assess and evaluate how mobile-friendly your website is.   

4. Use the social media

Including social media on marketing strategies of businesses is fairly common these days. If people can see how interesting your content is, expect that they will subscribe to your blog and share its contents. Consequently, your site will be linked by other domains, get more shares on social media, and acquire more authority.

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