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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a form of religion for business owners who embraced it some years back. Your progressive, cash-rich CEO will nowadays have this week’s Google rankings pinned to a prominent position in his office, some even have their rankings placed on their desk where the photo of the wife and kids used to be. If your SEO Sydney provider or agency director is not your best friend, adopted brother or chief of your tribe, your status will probably not read “awakened one”.

Online Reputation Management

It's a vital form of virtual insurance policy against the vagaries of the market, public perception, hyper-critical sensation-starved old media, jealous corporate rivals, bitter journalists and ex-partners (whether in business or lovers). The tall poppy syndrome is alive and well in the Western world and the best way to protect yourself is to secure two pages of Google rankings for your brand (personal and corporate). If you’re not doing it yet, your competitors probably are.

Social Media Marketing

It's the latter-day equivalent of whirling dervishes. It’s a 21st Century spiritual movement where little is concealed or inner, it’s all outer, superficial, and yet the cleansing of the soul happens automatically as it’s all eminently disposable. Yet while the content, the posts, are transitory, what remains? As the company guru knows, the followers, the audience, sticks with you. We all want the audience, and for those with the smarts, the demographically-targeted crowd can be yours forever.

AdWords Management

Pretty much a ‘secret society’ because it’s the deep, existential focus of either those who have failed at organic rankings, or conversely, those who have absolutely succeeded at organic rankings (eg SEO Sydney clients). Those who have succeeded know the abundant value of Google presence and so they lash out with all their spare cash at Adwords, in a mortal embrace with Google, onwards, upwards, ’til death do they part.

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